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TX Representative proposes concealed handgun license changes

12 News (KXII.COM)
By: Morgan Downing


Concealed Handgun License LegislationSHERMAN, TX — The Texas legislature is back in session next week, and one hot topic will be gun laws. A state representative is proposing two bills that will impact Texas citizens who already have or are looking to get their concealed handgun licenses.

Right now, to get a Texas concealed handgun license you must go through a ten hour class, that teaches things like gun safety and Texas law. To renew that license, you must go through a four hour class. State Representative Dan Flynn wants to change those requirements completely.

House Bill 47 would cut the ten hour CHL class requirement down to four hours. If you want to renew your CHL, under House Bill 48 you would no longer need a four hour refresher course, you could just renew online.

The bills’ author, State Representative Dan Flynn, says right now the class is just too long and CHL instructor Jason Webb agrees.

“With any kind of powerpoint presentation or any kind of presentation for ten hours does get lengthy no matter what you’re covering,” Webb said.

“As it is right now, you have to take a day off of work to be able to go do it. Or take a whole Saturday off. I think the big deal is more Texans will be able to make the class, go through the program with the background check and be able to carry,” Rep. Flynn said.

Webb says his CHL classes are filling up. So, a shortened class time would allow him to accommodate more people, but he says there are drawbacks.

“Now on the other side too is there is a lot of law, a lot of responsibility that needs to be covered,” Webb said.

A lot to be covered, so he worries his students won’t be able to learn everything if it’s crammed into four hours.Under the proposed bill, before you get your CHL, you still have to fire 50 rounds and pass a written exam. But some gun owners hope these bills are shot down.

“I think it’s very important that we keep our level of training where it is so that we have the best qualified people carrying a concealed handgun,” Frank Deater said.

“This is Texas and in Texas people are very familiar with handguns and shooting etiquecy, and the rules of government and the responsibilities that a gun owner has,” Rep. Flynn said.

Legislative session resumes Tuesday, January 8. Representative Flynn says he believes he’ll have a lot of support with both bills, because he says the majority of Texas lawmakers conceal carry.