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Texas Legislature Back In Session | Proposed CHL Law Changes For 2013

By Webmaster


Texas LegislatureThe Texas Legislature is back in session.  The following House and State Bills are those which have been pre-filed.






thumbs-up-icon  HB 572 — Would allow qualified veterans of the military to receive a special “VETERAN” designation on their CHL


thumbs-up-icon  SB 182 — Would permit CHLs to carry on college campuses


thumbs-up-icon  HB 508 — creates a new offense for a public employee who excludes or prevents a CHL holder from carrying on government property


thumbs-up-icon  HB 485 — reduces fee for CHL to $25 for a military veteran, and allows complimentary CHL for any police officer (not just active police officers)


thumbs-up-icon  SB 164 — Companion to HB 572 — same effect


thumbs-up-icon  HB 383 — provides that out of state CHLs are NOT recognized in this state when a person is domiciled in this state. This would end the “Utah exception” where instructors were training for Utah CHLs to be used by Texas residents


thumbs-up-icon  HB 223 — would allow members of school board or school superintendent to carry to a meeting of a school board.


thumbs-up-icon  HB 158 — would allow CHL designation on the drivers license.


thumbs-down-icon  HB 48 — this would eliminate classes for renewing CHL, and provide that license holders may continue to carry concealed where renewal is pending, even without a new card. (NOTE:  We are not opposed to a licensed individual being able to carry concealed while a renewal application is in process. We do have an issue with an individual not being required to attend a renewal classes. As obvious from this posting, state laws are constantly being updated and changed, thus without a renewal class for license holders there is no way to update license holders of new law changes.)


thumbs-up-icon  HB 47 — would reduce the minimum length of the CHL class to 4 hours, instead of 10 hours. This is probably not bad in theory, as the 10 hour requirement is a bit excessive, but shortening to 4 hours will likely result in too many shortcuts.



thumbs-up-icon  TexasCHLLicense.com IS in favor of this bill.


thumbs-down-icon  TexasCHLLicense.com IS NOT in favor of this bill.