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Texas A&M Student Senate To Present Concealed Gun Carry Bill

By Annabelle Hutchinson


Texas A&M UniversityStudent Senate will present a bill Wednesday night that calls on the Texas A&M University System and the Texas State Legislature to allow anyone with a valid concealed handgun license to carry a handgun on campus and within buildings.

The bill claims that the school is not safe merely because it is labeled as gun-free, as it doesn’t hinder others who wish to cause harm from illegally bringing weapons on to campus. It further claims that University Police are reactive, rendering them ineffective in protecting students and faculty from the multitude of crimes that occur on and off campus.

According to the bill, students, faculty and guests — in accordance with the Texas Penal Code — who have a CHL (concealed handgun license) are currently allowed to carry on campus, but cannot take their weapons into buildings, which adheres to University policy.

This will be the bill’s first reading. If the bill is sent to committee, it will be voted on in following Senate meetings.

Senators will also vote on two other bills, the Fair Printing Fees Bill and the Increased Awareness of Online Teaching Evaluations Bill.

The Fair Printing Fees Bill requests that students have access to all printers using semester print allocations.

The Increased Awareness of Online Teaching Evaluations Bill requests that the University make an effort to increase student awareness of end-of-semester student evaluations of teachers’ availability online.

Students are encouraged to voice their opinion at the open forum, which takes place at the beginning of each Senate meeting. Students may also sit in on the entirety of the meeting. Senate meetings take place every other Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Koldus 144.

Students may contact their representatives, view copies of bills, and find more information at senate.tamu.edu.