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Is Microstamping of ammunition a good idea?

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Ammunition MicrostampingWouldn’t it be a great idea if whenever a bad guy fires a weapon it put his ID on it? Yea, and a lot of politicians and liberal whackos think so too.

Here’s the way Fox News reported on a new technology called laser microstamping technology. It seems that the idea is being pushed by some politicians in New York and Connecticut. Trouble is, two of the nation’s premier gun manufacturers are corporate citizens of New York and Connecticut. Remington and Colt are now threatening to move their operations to a western state if New York and Connecticut follow through.

But the media is trying to paint the gun folks as hardheaded.

Here’s the idea. A guy has been granted a patent that is said to put the make, model and serial number on the tip of the firing pin and when the gun is discharged that imprint goes on the shell casing (primer) so law enforcement can immediately trace the weapon. Here’s the way the Coalition To Stop Gun Violence describes it.

Sounds great until you drill down a bit more into the technology. You then find that it is unreliable in its present state of development and very costly, as much as $200 additional dollars per pistol.

But if you want to ban guns, you love it. This just makes it more difficult for people to own guns.

But it obviously does not work. If you stop and think about it for a minute common sense tells you it is not going to catch any more bad guys than the current technology. After all, any bad guy can just take his piece to an amateur gunsmith who can file off the imprinting.

But remember, it still works if the original imprint pushed the cost of a pistol out of the price range of most people.

But for gun owners, you will want to read this article from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

We just think it’s a shame Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t know about this brilliant idea before he let Fast and Furious to on.

And for Pete’s sake don’t let the United Nations find out about this lunacy.